Corporate Controller

Omar Parra

Overview and Experience

Omar Parra

Omar Parra serves as Controller or Terra Vista Management. Omar joined TVM in July 2016 and worked as an accounting manager for TVM, overseeing Campland, Campland Market and Campland Cantina. He gradually started helping and taking on additional tasks for the rest of the TVM properties and was promoted to controller last year after our long-time controller Sheila Schrank retired after 40+ years with the company.

He graduated from San Diego State University with a BS in business admin with an emphasis in accounting in 2014. At that time, Omar had been working as a regional manager for a property management company in El Cajon, CA. called Hoban Management, that specialized in multifamily housing. He was also their internal auditor and resident manager. Promoted to a regional position, he oversaw the operations of about 50+ different properties, most of them in El Cajon and all of them in San Diego County. As an internal auditor Omar would perform quarterly financial reviews of each property. As a resident manager, he was in charge of daily operations of a 10 unit complex including leasing, managing turn over, resident complaints and disputes etc. Omar worked there for about 7 years ending in June 2016.

Omar lives in El Cajon with his wife and two sons.  His hobbies include chess, billiards, travel, & music.