Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Jacob Gelfand

Overview and Experience

jacob gelfand terra vista management

Jacob Gelfand serves as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Terra Vista Management. Jacob represents the third generation of the Gelfand family to take part in managing and developing the company’s assets, having grown up immersed in the operations of the properties and the evolution of the manufactured housing and outdoor recreation industries.

Jacob holds a Juris Doctor and a Master of Business Administration from University of San Francisco, where he cofounded an investment fund supporting underserved, minority-owned businesses. His diverse, interdisciplinary professional background includes experience in business consulting, communications, economic development and entrepreneurship. Following his grandfather’s example identifying opportunity in underestimated niche markets, Jacob helped to launch and develop Glamping Hub, widely recognized as the world’s leading portal for luxury camping destinations and other unique, outdoor-oriented accommodations.

Jacob’s multifaceted role in TVM includes overseeing daily business operations, companywide communications, and management personnel. He spearheads strategic initiatives and other vital projects, overseeing marketing, PR and community relations efforts, organizational development and recruitment of key personnel, and also serves as the company’s chief spokesperson and media relations officer. Jacob has successfully led two consecutive, high-profile lease extension efforts in San Diego, and has developed expertise in government and community relations.

Jacob lives in Encinitas, CA with his wife, Joely, a nurse practitioner and reproductive health consultant, and their son Solly, who loves spending time at TVM’s properties, especially those with beach access.